About Alumni Association

The final ringing bell of the last paper Madhyamik Pariksha leaves a trail of loneliness. The glistening twilight of Vidyapith life are reminiscent of the ALMA MATER hey days. The insecurity and insufficiency slowly and surely creeps in.

The resurgence of brotherhood and togetherness gains a momentum. The concerted effort to re-group conglomerates giving a definite shape to Purulia Ramakrishna Mission Vidyapith Alumni Association.

During October 1982, when Swami Hiranmayanandaji, the Founder Secretary of our beloved Vidyapith was at Calcutta, a Special Executive Committee Meeting was held at Ramakrishna Mission Boy's Home, Rahara on 21 October, 1982.
In presence of Swami Hiranmayanandaji, Swami Ramanandaji (the then Secretary of Boys' Home and ex-Headmaster of Vidyapith) and Swami Umanandaji (Secretary of Vidyapith), a proforma by-laws of the Association was given a final shape. Thus was the Association formed and the journey started.

We didn't look back since then. Every growing organisation has to overcome hurdles, big or small. Ours has been no different. The more challenges we face, the stronger gets our resolve. By the grace of the Lord, we have grown from strength to strength. Today, we are a twenty five years old organisation where all members become a member by default (by virtue of the fact that they are Vidyapith Alumni).

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