Association Activities

The main focus of any alumni association is bringing the old friends together. And ours is no exception. Alumni Association organizes the mega event, Reunion of ex-students every altenate year and so far 10 such occassions took place successfully. It's of course an event of joy for everyone. You go back to the school, discover the long-lost friends, meet the people you grew up under, talk to the present students, have fun with them and share the experience as well as the nostalgia with your family. On a serious note, this is also a platform to debate and decide on the roadmap of Alumni Association activities in coming future.

But Reunion occurs in alternate years. What about the interim ones? Nothing to worry about. Alumni Association arranges picnics at charming spots of Barrackpore, Hatirkul etc. in those years. A day-long event which again brings you the scope of spending hours with your friends and brothers.

Apart from these, Vijaya Sammilani, another form of get-together is organized every year at Marble Palace, Kolkata. This one, as the name suggests, comes after Puja days. So if you are in Kolkata, don't forget the date. On an Autumn afternoon, get up after a short Sunday-nap, put on your Panjabi-Pajama and set for the beautiful Marble Palace. Be sure the Alumni Association General Secretary is waiting for you right there with delicious evening snacks!

But our activities are not limited to arranging different forms of get togethers only. The association takes up different kinds of activities to pay its respect to Vidyapith, help alumni members or to serve the society as a whole. It tries to do its best with limited resources.