Frequently Asked Questions - Registration/Account Info

Please don't. Otherwise it will result in duplicate accounts for the same person. Please contact us and we'll change the email address for you.

No. Please click on the 'Request new password' link in the login box. The system asks for your username or email. Please put in your username (NOT the email), fill in the captcha box and submit. You'll receive a new password via email.

We recommend you to leave it as it is (keep it ticked) so that other members can contact you through this site.

Don't worry. This set is for the users to provide the information about their presence on the web. If you don't understand it, ignore it.

You can update your account details or user information yourself after you have registered and and logged in to the website.
Simply, go to MyAccount, click on Edit tab and make the necessary changes.

Don't worry. Your information is never exposed to general public. Information except your email address and phone no. is only avaialble to your friends and brothers registered here. And the policy is far more strict for your email address and phone nos. as those are not even shared with users registered here and kept absolutely private being only accessible by the site administrator only.

Please go through the approval mail you received and follow the instructions. Specifically, you should go to My Account and fill in your information. In the minimum you must fill in the mandatory fields (marked with *) in all tabs.

It's not mandatory but we strongly recommend that you do. Since we don't want outsiders to register here we must validate the identity once someone registers. Your phone no. helps the association to complete the validation quickly. Please note that your phone nos. are only visible to the site administrator and not exposed to others.

First you have to click Register and submit your information by filling up the registration form. Please make sure you type your email address and batch information correctly. You should receive an activation email with 24 hrs. with further instructions. Once you follow the instructions and complete the activation, your information will be verified. The verification process might take upto 72 hrs. and then you get an approval/rejection email depending upon the results. If you're approved you can go ahead and sign in to the site.

If you are not a registered user you have restricted access to the site. You can read news and view a certain set of information. However, you cannot post comments for a news item or participate in discussions or polls. You can neither view the detailed information about members registered at the site nor contact your old friends registered here by sending messages to them. Only registered users can do these. Also your friends will find you here when you register and can contact you thereby. Once registered, you can choose to keep yourself updated about the latest happenings.

Sorry, you cannot register without a valid email address. Since you are on the internet, you better have an email id. You can always sign up for a free email account at many websites like GMail, Yahoo, Hotmail etc. Alumni Association tries to contact members registered at the website via email. Please help the effort to succeed.

Any ex-student of the school Ramakrishna Mission Vidyapith, Purulia is welcome to register here. Others are not allowed to register.