Panchuda is admitted to Sishumangal

This is about an emergency.
Sri Panchugopal Dutta, our dear Panchuda, an ex-teacher of Vidyapith, has been admitted to Sishumangal hospital in Kolkata due to health problem. He is in need of blood. His blood group is A -ve. This is a very rare group and the Association is facing difficulty in finding donors.
Swami Atmaprabhanandaji Maharaj, the Secretary of the school, has been kind enough to arrange an ambulance and provide the cost for it for transporting Panchuda from Purulia to Kolkata.

Sponsoros required for Reunion 2011

The Association seeks sponsors for the gift items to be given to the members (approx 250 nos) and to the teaching fraternity at Vidyapith (approx 100 nos). Expected Cost to this cause is Rs 70,000/-.
Intended parties may please contact contact the Association or Sanjay Chattopadhyay (1988 batch).

Sri Dipak Mukherjee passed away

Sri Dipak Mukherjee of 1976 batch passed away in Kolkata on 24th January, 2011 after a massive heart attack.

May his soul rest in peace is our prayer to the Almighty.

Schedule of Vijaya Sammelani, 2011

The Vijaya Sammelani is scheduled on 30th October, 2011 at Marble Palace, Kolkata from 5pm onwards.

Schedule of the 15th Reunion

The 15th Reunion of the Alumni Association is scheduled at the RKMV, Purulia premises on the 19th and 20th day of November, 2011.

In view to the scheduled change of academic session again to Jan-Dec, this year the session is going to end by the first week of December, 2011 and the school will reopen in Jan 2012 with Class X and post X.

Respected Swami Atmaprabhanandaji Maharaj, our beloved Secretary Maharaj was kind enough to accommodate the reunion in spite of this tough and tight schedule by reorganizing the exams of the present students.

Sri Shyamal Jana passed away

Sri Shyamal Jana, our beloved and respected Shyamal Da, physical instructor of Vidyapith, passed away on 15th January, 2011 after a fatal road accident at the Bongabari More near Viadyapith.

May his soul rest in peace is our prayer to the Almighty.

Exhibition by Rima Kundu

A solo exhibition of recent paintings has been organized by Smt Rima Kundu, wife of Dr Dinabandhu Kundu (1980 batch) at 'The Promenade' lounge of Taj Bengal, Kolkata from 10th to 16th January, 2011 daily from 10am to 11pm including painting live from 3pm to 6pm.

Members are invited to visit the same.


  1. Smt Rima Kundu,38/2 Beadon Street, Kolkata 700 006.
    Telephone nos: 033-23520115/23609585/9432743337
  2. Dr Dinabandhu Kundu-9830112674

Sushil Ghosh da passed away


Sri Sushil Ghosh, our beloved and respected Sushil da, passed away at Purulia on 11th January, 2011 morning.

Sushil da, the Natyacharya of Vidyapith, was the person who escorted the bus that started its journey from Deoghar with a handful number of students to start the session at Purulia Vidyapith in April, 1958.

Sushil da will ever be remembered for his strict disciplinary habits, his unforgettable acting and his profound love for his students.

May his soul rest in peace is our earnest prayer to the Almighty.

Art Exhibition by ex-student

An Exhibition on self created Digital Painting, Photoart and Sculpture has been organized by Sri Subrata Chakraborty (1981 batch, Contact No. 98301 65322) & Sri Prodosh Kanti Burman at Laha Paint House, 7 C.R.Avenue, 1st Floor, Kolkata 700072 from 10th to 15th January, 2011. The exhibition hours are 2pm - 7pm.

Members are encouraged to visit the same.

Picnic, 2011 is almost there

The biennial picnic is scheduled on 9th January, 2011. Everyone attending is requested to reach by 9:30 am. We'll have breakfast and lunch there and finally leave the spot around 4:30 pm. For further details, read this.
Are you coming? Please let us know.

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