Saikatesh Maharaj takes over as the new editor of Udbodhan

Swami Sivapradanandaji Maharaj (Saikatesh Maharaj) (Ex Student 1976 HS) has taken charge of the post of Editor of Udbodhan magazine with effect from 24th October 2005.

Presently he is residing at Mayer Bari.

The Association wishes him all the success for the job assigned to him.

Further details on upcoming 12th Re-Union

Subsription Rates
(a) For Life Members: Rs. 150/-
(b) For Working Members not belonging to the above: Rs. 200/-
(c) For Non Working and Student Members: Rs. 100/-
(d) For Familiy Members: Rs. 150/-

Please send this subscription before 30th November 2005.
The Cheque/DD should be in favour of: "PURULIA RAMAKRISHNA MISSION VIDYAPITH ALUMNI ASSOCIATION" payable at Kolkata.

The Cheque/DD should be mailed to:
Subhas Chatterjee
New Chhaya Stores
28 APC Road
Kolkata 700 009

Certain other Points

Swami Ramanandaji Maharaj retires from active work

Swami Ramanandaji after his retirement(from active work) is staying as a retired monk at Ramakrishna Mission Home of Service, Luxa, Varanasi- 221010 U.P (popularly known as Kashi Sevashrama) with effect from 29.09.2005 with no connection with the administration of Varanasi Home of Service and/or any branch of Ramakrishna Math & Mission.

He does not having any personal telephone. However any body desiring to contact him may call up during the Office hours of Varanasi Home of Service.

Varanasi Home of Service Phone No:
+91 542 2451727 Extn-222(office)

Update on Fund Collection for acquiring an office

As the association is in growing need of acquiring an office of its own, the effort of fund raising is on. Till date Rs. 1,62,000 have been received as against the target of Rs. 5,00,000.

We once again appeal for generous contributions from you all.

For details, please refer to why and how about the drive.

Ex-Student joins the Ramakrishna Mission Order

Sinjan of 2000 Madhyamik Batch from Vidyapith has recently joined the Ramakrishna Mission Order. Presently he is at PPTC, Belur Math.

Alumni Association wishes him all the success in life.

12 th Re-Union Scheduled

Forthcoming 12th Re-union scheduled on 10th and 11th December, 2005.

The details of the aforesaid will be declared shortly.

Vijaya Sammelani scheduled for this year

Vijaya Sammelani for the year would be on 6 November, 2005.

Details of the aforesaid will be declared shortly.

Methods of Donating for Purchase of Office

Members interested in donating may credit their amounts in the following account:

Name of the Account:


Savings Account No: 11818

Name of the Bank: CANARA BANK

Address: 25 Princep Street
Kolkata 700 072

Bank Branch Code: 700015022


may send by Courier/Speed Post/ Registered Post at:

10/3L Umakanta Sen Lane
Kolkata 700 030

Get together of 1987 Batch

The Members of 1987 Batch made a get together on 06.08.2005 at the Office of Sri Prasun Ghosh(1987) for a great cause from 4.30PM onwards.

The gathering found 12 members in person and a many on telephone who could not be present physically.

The meeting resolved to form a Corpus Fund for some benevolant purpose in consultation with the Association.The members contributed handsomely and formed the Corpus there itself.

It was also resolved to donate funds for the Purchase of Office Premises of the Association.

Permanent Office of the Association

Alumni Association plans to purchase a flat for the purpose of having a permanent office and appeals to members for generous contributions to this cause.

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