Udhbodhan of Alumni Office on 30.04.2006

The Udhbodhan of the Office at 9/1 Akrur Dutta Lane is scheduled on 30.04.2006 from 8 a.m onwards.

Srimat Swami Putanandaji Maharaj will inaugurate the Office with offerings to Sri Sri Thakur, The Holy Mother and Swamiji. The puja is scheduled to start from 8:26 a.m.

We cordially invite you all to join the occasion.

Inauguration of Annex Building of Sivananda Sadan

There has been an extension of the Sivananda Sadan at Vidyapith which was inaugurated by Srimat Swami Smarananandaji Maharaj, General Secretary - Ramakrishna Math and Mission on 6th April, 2006.

The present Class VII of Vidyapith will be residing in the new Hostel henceforth.

Members of the Alumni Association were cordially invited in the function by Swami Atmaprabhanandaji Maharaj.

Association participates in Blood Donation Camp

The Association participated in a Blood Donation Camp organised by Agradut Club at Chetla where Shoumik Das(1991) is an active member.

Shoumik worked as the Liason of the two organisations and Association sponsored the Tiffin of the Camp by donating Rs 2000/=.

The entire 60 Bottles of Blood will be donated to Life Care Blood Bank.

Purchase of Office of the Assoiciation

We have done it! The purchase of the Office at 9/1 Akrur Dutta Lane has been complete with Dr Dhruba Marjit, President signing the Agreement for the Association on 13.3.2006.

We sincerely thank all the donors,well wishers who had extended their cordial help in the acquisition process.

But on this glorious moment I once again appeal to you all for some generous donations so as to make up the Loan amount that some of our members have given.

The Office will be officially inaugurated in the month of Baisakh the details of which will be published in due time.

Release of Book by an Ex Student

Release of Book by Dr. Rajat Singha Chowdhury took place at Book Fair.
Dr Rajat Singha Chowdhury (1982) has released a composition of 25 Poems in the form of a Book named Rajatstabak available at the stall of Prtibhas(Stall No 744, Serial no of the Book-98).

We request members to collect the same and congratulate the poet for his achievment.

Advance paid for Office acquisition

As per committment made to the Promoter of the Building, Association has paid an Advance for acquiring the Flat at 9/1 Akrur Dutta Lane.

The Association is still in shortage of the required fund for the purpose.

We once again appeal for generous donations for this purpose.

Assistance seeked by Sri Rabi Ratan Bhowmik

Rabi da ( Sri Rabi Ratan Bhowmik), a well-known staff of Vidyapith hospital seeks financial assistance. He is leading a retired life at Barisha Math, Kolkata and needs Rs 45,000/- for Life long sponsorship there.

Members are requested for generous help.

Decisions from the General Body Meeting in Reunion, 2005

Some important decisions were made at the General Body Meeting held on 11th December, 2005. Here is the synopsis.

1. Swami Divyasukhanandaji Maharaj (Amitrasudan da,Ex Student 1983) is to be inducted as Honourary Life Member of the Association.

2. Letters will not be sent to members individually intimating the activities of the Assocaition and the Web site would be the only means of communicating members.

3. 2007 will be the Silver Jubilee year of the Association. A Committee is to be formed for its special observance.

Appeal of Secretary Maharaj

Swami Atmaprabhanandaji Maharaj, Secretary of Vidyapith made an appeal for funds to meet the needs of the Higher Secondary Section.

Vidyapith having started the Higher Secondary Section form 2000 onwards is facing acute financial crisis in running this Section for which Secreatry Maharaj wants to set up a Corpus Fund of Rs 50 Lakhs and wants the Ex students to contribute handsomely.

This is the excerpt of his appeal:

Ramakrishna Mission Vidyapith
P.O. Vivekanandanagar, Dt. PuruIia (W.B.) Pin: 723147 (India)

An Appeal To Our Beloved Ex-Students

Reunion, 2005

With great enthusiasm, joy and endless adda-Alumni Association concluded the 12th Reunion at the Vidyapith premises on 10th and 11th December, 2005. An all time record of 150+ ex students along with their family members totalling to 200 joined the event. Some good participations were gound from the batches of 1966,1978,1982,1983,1984,1988,1991 with 1991 having the highest turnout. Representations were found right from 1961 to the pass outs of 2000- once again promoting the cause of our integrity,togetherness and brotherhood.

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