Details for Reunion, 2009

Here are some necessary details for the 14th Reunion (to be held at Vidyapith on 5th-6th Dec, 2009). Members interested in attending the reunion are requested to make a note of points mentioned.

  1. Subscription Rate: Rs 200 per head.
  2. Members are requested to bring one Chaddar- for those who will be staying at the Vidyapith Hostel- The Association will provide one Toshak, Balish & Kambal.
  3. As we all know, smoking/taking of alcohol within the Vidyapith premises is strictly prohibited.
  4. Members are requested to collect Lunch/Dinner Coupon for 5th December at the time of Registration at the Association Office.
  5. Members are requested to produce the Coupon before the Association representative at the time of Lunch/Dinner on 5th December.
  6. No Coupon will be required at the Lunch time on 6th December.
  7. Those who will be availing the 316DN on 6th December and need Food Packets are requested to intimate the Association office at the time of Registration.
  8. No request will be entertained by any Member to stay at the Vidyapith Guest House in the night of 5th December.
  9. Members willing to stay at Vidyapith and in the Vidyapith Guest House on 6th December night are requested to intimate the Association Office at the time of Registration.
  10. Arrangement for Vehicles shall be made to attend 315UP on 5th December and to attend Rupasi Bangla Express & 316DN on 6th December.

Swami Viswanathanandaji to attend the Reunion

Swami Viswanathanandaji Maharaj (Subhash Maharaj), president of Ramakrishna Math, Kamarpukur and our ex-headmaster, has given his kind consent to attend the Reunion scheduled on 5-6th December,2009.

Respected Maharaj will be arriving on 4th evening at Vidyapith and is supposed to leave in the late hours of 5th December, 2009.

Ex-student Adris Bose passed away

Adris Da, Adris Bose (1962 passout) passed away on 19th October, 2009 at Kolkata after suffering a long with his kidney problems.

Adris Bose for a long time was the Vice President of our Association and the Association had relentlessly received his assistance whenever it needed.The Association today has really lost one of its great mentors. He will always be remembered for his ready wits and his Synthesizer play at the Reunions was a major event of attraction.

Sabyasachi da passed away

Sabyasachi Gupta, music teacher of Vidyapith, passed away on 19th October, 2009.

May his soul rest in peace is our prayer to the Almighty.

Sushil Roy da passed away

Sushil Roy Da (Ex Asstt Headmaster of the school) passed away on 18th September, 2009 at his residence at Sonarpur, Kolkata.

May his soul rest in peace is our prayer to the Almighty.

Vidyapith is looking for teachers

Swami Vedapurushananda, the present headmaster of Vidyapith wants us to circulate this information about vacancy of teaching staff at Vidyapith. We thought we'll facilitate in sending out the information in case somebody is interested or knows of somebody who would be interested.

14th Reunion scheduled in December, 2009

Brothers, we have an announcement. The obvious one - Reunion!

The 14th biennial Reunion of the Alumni is scheduled for 5th-6th December, 2009. Our Alma Mater invites us all including families, friends, friends of friends and some more. Do carry yourself at the least! We'll all enjoy the break from the regular grind of work/study schedule and do all we expect ourselves to do (and some we don't expect ourselves to do)!

Request for Souvenir Articles, Reunion 2009

Alike every Reunion this year also a Souvenir will be released during the Reunion scheduled on 05-06th December, 2009.

Gobindoda passed away

Sri Geet Gobindo Dey, our Gobindo Da has passed away in mid-April (around Poila Baisakh) this year at his residence near Burdwan town.
It was always a thrilling experience for us to see his planes flying in the sky.
May his soul rest in peace in our prayer to the Almighty.

Results of Higher Secondary, 2009

Higher Secondary, 2009 results are out and below is a quick summary of Vidyapith's performance.

Appeared: 51

First Division- 51

Highest Marks- 429/500*(Arnab Kumar Mondol)

*No Addition from Additional Subjects this year.

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