Pranab Bhattacharya passed away

Pranab Bhattacharya, our Pranabda of Vidyapith passed away on 3rd October, 2004. He died of a heart attack at his Kolkata residence at the age of 62. May his soul rest in peace.

Results for Higher Secondary, 2004

Results for Higher Secondary Examination, 2004 are out and Vidyapith performs quite well. Here is a quick synopsis of the result :

Total appeared : 45
1st Division : 43
2nd Division : 2
Average : 75.98%
Star Marks : 26
Above 850 : 13
Above 900 : 1
Total no. of letters : 80 (Phys 21, Chem 23, Math 16, Bio 7, Stat 10, Comp. Sc. 3)
Highest : 925

10 out of 11 students in Statistics and 3 out of 4 students in Computer Science scored letter marks.

Highest scores in different subjects are as the following:
Physics : 187
Chemistry : 182
Mathematics : 192
Biology : 172

Madhyamik Pariksha, 2004 Results

Results for Madhyamik Pariksha, 2004 are out and Vidyapith performs brilliantly as ever. Here is a quick synopsis of the result :

Total appeared : 92
1st Division : 91
2nd Division : 1
Average : 80.56%
Star Marks : 67
Above 80% : 51
Above 90% : 10
Total no. of letters : 346
Highest : 742 out of 800 (Supreet Basu)

A 99 out of 100 score in Physical Science needs a special mention as all time Vidyapith record.

Also 34 students opted Mechanics as additional subjects and all of them scored letter marks.

Sadhus' meet

Sadhus' meet, a meeting of the Ramakrishna Math & Mission monks was held at Balaram Mandir in May, 2004.

Alumni Association made a humble contribution of Rs. 1,001/- to support the event.

The amount was handed over to Revered Swami Putanandaji (Kalipada Maharaj), ex-Chief Warden of our school.

Sponsorship for a student

Alumni Association sponsors a student at Ramakrishna Mission school at Kamarpukur, Hoogly according to the request of revered Swami Biswanathanandaji (Subhash Maharaj), ex-Headmaster of our school, who is presently in charge of Kamaparpukur school.
The school fees are paid from the interest of the corpus gathered by Life Membership contributions from members. For 2004, an amount of Rs. 8,400/- has been paid to the school for this purpose in April.

Contribution to academic cause

Alumni Association always strives to support Vidyapith in all possible means and financial help is, of course, one of them.

In January, 2004 Association handed over a sum of Rs. 40,000/- to Vidyapith. It was marked to be used in academic purpose.

The event was backed by the contribution of an ex-student who does not want his name to be disclosed. Alumni Association expresses its heartfelt gratitude to the member behind the scenes for his support.

Medicine needed for Khanduda

Khandu Mahato, our dear Khanduda is suffering from serious heart problems and, according to doctors, must take regular medicine. AA appels to all members for support.

Reunion, 2003 held successfully

The 11th Reunion was held at Vidyapith on 13th & 14th of December, 2003. As always, it was a mega event with great fun. In the Cricket match, ex-students lost miserably to the present students.

Apart from such regular events, there was a special seminar for the family members of ex-students in context of the 150th birth anniversary of Sri Sri Ma. The general body meeting was also held to submit the accounts, form the next committee and to determine the next course of action.


The main focus of any alumni association is bringing the old friends together. And ours is no exception. Alumni Association organizes the mega event, Reunion of ex-students every altenate year and so far 10 such occassions took place successfully. It's of course an event of joy for everyone. You go back to the school, discover the long-lost friends, meet the people you grew up under, talk to the present students, have fun with them and share the experience as well as the nostalgia with your family.

Cultural programme

In 1993, Purulia, commonly a known as a place of draught, strangely witnessed a massive flood. We lost two of our Vidyapith brothers in the unfortunate incident.
Vidyapith immediately started the relief work among the affected people. Alumni Association organized a cultural programme at Mahajati Sadan in February 1993 to raise fund to support the effort. Suman Chattopadhyay and Chandrabindu group were the attractions of the evening. Finally he entire amount was handed over to Vidyapith.

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