Swami Jnanalokanandaji ends tenure as Secretary of Vidyapith

Swami Jnanalokanandaji's Farewell

Swami Jnanalokanandaji has handed over charge to Swami Sivapradanandaji Maharaj and is heading towards Belur Math today.

Respected Maharaj will take charge as Secretary of Swamiji'r Bari from January'19 end.

Swami Jnanalokananda will be remembered for his relentless efforts in achieving the goals for which our Alma Matter was established.His efforts in the establishment of the Maa Sarada Coaching Centre - we hope will be a milestone in the history of Purulia district.

We wish him with high spirits and best of health in the days to come.

Swami Sivapradananda takes charge of Vidyapith

Swami Jnanalokanandaji transfers charge to Swami Sivapradananda

Swami Sivapradananda aka Saikatesh Maharaj took over as the new Secretary of Vidyapith.

There will be a farewell of Swami Jnanalokanandaji and welcome for Saikatesh Maharaj from 8 am onwards.

Requesting all ex-students in and around Purulia to be present.

Ex-student Indrajit Ray appointed Presidency University’s chair professor

Indrajit Ray, an ex-student from 1985 batch, has been appointed Presidency University’s new Infosys distinguished chair professor in economics.

Currently a professor at Cardiff Business School, UK, Indrajit attended Ramakrishna Mission Residential College, Narendrapur and Indian Statistical Institute, Kolkata as a student after passing out from Vidyapith.

The detailed news is here.

Swami Sivapradananda to be new Secretary Maharaj of Vidyapith

Swami Sivapradanandaji Maharaj aka Saikatesh Maharaj will take over as Secretary of Ramakrishna Mission Vidyapith , Purulia on 28th November, 2018.

An ex-student of 1976 HS , Saikatesh Da served the institution as Headmaster from 1995 to 2005. It is during his tenure the Higher Secondary section of Purulia recommenced after its closure in 1976.

After his innings at Vidyapith , he was the Editor of Udbodhon Patrika.

Ex-student Samir Payne passed away

With deepest grief we like to inform you all that Sri Samir Kumar Payne of 1966 batch, ex General Secretary of the Alumni association passed away today (19th October, 2018) at his residence in Genexx Valley, Joka, Kolkata.

He left behind his wife and son.

One of the main architects of building our Alumni Association, Samir da, elder brother of Pradip Payne of 1968 batch, was an outstanding goalkeeper and a remarkable Tabla player.

He will be remembered for his very jovial nature and his immense contribution in building this Alumni Association.

Vijaya Sammilani scheduled for 2018

The Vijaya Sammilani for the year is slated on 11th November, 2018(Sunday) at Marble Palace, Kolkata from 5pm onwards.

Members are requested to join with their family members.


Metro Station-Mahatma Gandhi Road

Inauguration of Diamond Jubilee Open Stage

In commemoration of the Diamond Jubilee celebrations, an Open Air Stage was inaugurated at Vidyapith on 10th October, 2018 by Swami Suparnanandaji Maharaj, Secretary , Ramakrishna Mission Institute of Culture.

Dr Sugato Marjit, ex Vice Chancellor of Calcutta University was present in the occasion along with many a other distinguished guests.

Diamond Jubilee Celebration started at Vidyapith

Diamond Jubilee Celebration started

Diamond Jubilee celebration started at Vidyapith in presence of Swami Balabhadranandaji, assistant general secretary of Ramakrishna Math & Mission along with Swami Sivapradananda & Swami Jnanalokananda.
Sri Swapan Bandyopadhyay, ex-teacher of the school, anchored the event.

Invitation Card & Program List for Diamond Jubilee

Vidyapith Diamond Jubilee Program List - 1

Vidyapith sent the invitation card and program schedule for diamond jubilee celebration.

Vidyapith awarded Best School Trophy by Central Govt

Vidyapith awarded Best School Trophy, 2018

It's a matter of joy and pride that Vidyapith has been awarded the Best School Trophy, 2018 for being the best school of the district by Rashtriya Madhyamik Siksha Avijan of the Central Govt.

The Association expresses its heartiest congratulations to the school.

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