Swami Putanandaji Memorial Fund to be given to Vidyapith

Swami Putanandaji Memorial Fund with a corpus of 5 lakh rupees will be handed over to the Vidyapith authorities on 30th June, 2018 at 3 pm.

Members are requested to join the same at the auditorium of RKMV, Purulia.

Contribution to Swami Putananda Memorial Fund

The 1993 batch contributed One Lakh towards Swami Putananda Memorial Fund. Our heartiest congratulations to them.
One ex student of 1977 batch has contributed one lakh personally to the same cause. Our sincere thanks to him as well.

Results of Higher Secondary, 2018

Higher Secondary, 2018 results are out and here is a quick summary of Vidyapith's performance.

Overall Summary:

  • Appeared: 82
  • Passed: 82
  • Star Marks: 82
  • 90% & above: 20
  • 85% & above: 68
  • 80% & above: 79

Marks Summary:

  • Highest: 470 (Soumya Banerjee)
  • Average Marks: 87.32%

Marks Distribution:

Results of Madhyamik, 2018

Madhyamik, 2018 results are out and here is a quick summary of Vidyapith's performance.

Overall Summary:

  • Appeared: 89
  • First Division: 89
  • Star Marks: 88
  • 90% & above: 54
  • 85% & above: 82
  • 80% & above: 88
  • Above 600: 77

Marks Summary:

  • Highest: 680 (Indrajit Misra, 10th in West Bengal)
  • Average Marks: 90.07%

Marks Distribution:

Asoke Sinha da passed away

Teachers with Rana Sengupta

Asoke Sinha da, ex Geography teacher of Vidyapith, passed away this morning.

He fell down and was subsequently hospitalised yesterday. He was being moved to Kolkata today but expired on the way at Disergarh.

Asoke da's sons Kingshuk Sinha (1985 batch) and Soujanya Sinha (1994 batch) are also ex-students of Vidyapith.

May his soul rest in peace is our prayer to the Almighty.

Vidyapith team reaches semi-final of football tournament

Vidyapith football team 2018

Our Vidyapith boys started with a big 5-0 win against Silpayan college in their first match of the football tournament organised by Belur Math to commemorate the 150th birth anniversary of Sister Nivedita.

The next match was against Ramharipur Ramakrishna Mission and Vidyapith team won by 3-0 margin. They have reached the semi-final.

The semi-final match against Rahara Ramakrishna Mission is to be held on 25th May at 2:30 pm.

The Association congratulates them for their performance and wishes them all the best ahead.

Alumni Association appeals for fund to be utilized in memory of Kalipada Maharaj

Friends, it is time for us to pay our guru dakshina. As many of us did not know that most respected Kalipada Maharaj kept regular diary in fluent English, it is also not in common knowledge that he used to sponsor the education of many a needy boys and girls out of the pranami he used to receive.Every month he used to send sums to Purulia, Baranagar and various places which might not may have still being revealed.The legacy must continue.

Ex-student Saugata Datta part of NASA Lava Caves study

Saugata Datta, an ex-student from 1988 batch, and Geology professor of Kansas State University at present, is one of the primary investigators of a new NASA study that will use a robotic vehicle to explore and collect data inside caves at Lava Beds National Monument in Northern California. The interiors of lava caves are home to bacterial films and coral-like mineral structures — called mineral biomarkers — that could help identify similar features that would provide evidence for extraterrestrial life on Mars or another planet.

Vidyapith to play in football tournament organised by RKM

An Inter Ramakrishna Mission Football tournament is being organised by the Belur Math authorities to commemorate the 150th birth anniversary of Sister Nivedita. The inaugural match is to be held at the Belur Vidya Mandir ground on 20th May,2018 from 3:30 pm onwards where Purulia RKMV will play with Silpayan College.

This is a knock-out tournament. If Vidyapith wins, the venue of the next match will depend on the result of other matches.

Ex-students remembered Swami Putanandaji

Swami Putanandaji

Alumni Association organized Smaran Sabha of Kalipada Maharaj at Marble Palace, Kolkata on 5th May, 2018. Among the speakers, there were Swami Jnanalokananda, Swami Sivapradananda (Saikatesh Maharaj), Swami Dibyasukhananda (Amitrasudan Maharaj), Swami Dhyeyananda (Sanjib Maharaj). Sri Kalyan Kumar Ghosh, ex-teacher of Vidyapith and ex-students Dr. Dhruba Marjit, Dr. Kaliprasanna Dhara, Jayanta Bhattacharya, Subrata Sar delivered speeches on the occasion. The programme started with chanting by ex-student Shishir Roy (1998 batch).

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