Alumni Association appeals for fund to be utilized in memory of Kalipada Maharaj

Friends, it is time for us to pay our guru dakshina. As many of us did not know that most respected Kalipada Maharaj kept regular diary in fluent English, it is also not in common knowledge that he used to sponsor the education of many a needy boys and girls out of the pranami he used to receive.Every month he used to send sums to Purulia, Baranagar and various places which might not may have still being revealed.The legacy must continue.
It has therefore been decided to raise a corpus of 10 lakh rupees. Rs 3 lakh each be given to Deoghar and Balaram Mandir authorities and Rs 2 lakhs to Purulia and the head of the institutions be empowered to select the needy boys and girls. The purpose will be to sponsor their education out of the interest generated annually from the corpus.

The balance 2 lakhs will be handed over to Purulia Vidyapith for a prize out of the interest generated from the corpus in the name of Swami Putanandaji Maharaj for the best boy of the schol bearing morality, charecter and he may not be the best academic student.
The time limit of making contributions will be within 15th August, 2018.
For Banking related enquiry members are requested to contact Sri Jyotirindra Dhar Chowdhury of 1973 batch 9831403919 (can be contacted only by whats app and not by calls).

Banking details:
Purulia Ramakrishna Mission Vidyapith Alumni Association
Savings Account No-0315101011818
Canara Bank, Princep Street Branch
IFSC CNRB0000315

Please note that no benifit under 80G will be available for donations made. Since the Association does not have Net Banking facilities, it will not be possible for Jyoti da to comment on whether credits have arrived or not immediately. Once the passbook is updated, the same can be said.

Money Receipts will be available from the Association Office at 9/1 Akrur Dutta Lane, Kolkata 700 012 on Wednesdays only from 6pm to 8.30pm.

Sri Sanjay Mukherjee, 1981 batch (98312 98674) and Sri Rana Sengupta, 1983 batch (96749 87716) will coordinate the issue.
The 3 centres chosen are the only 3 centres which respected maharaj has served in his entire life time.