Appeal to help ex-student Moumit Sircar

This is an appeal to the good self of all the members of our Vidyapith family for one of our young members Moumit Sircar (2015 Madhyamik batch). Moumit's father had a road accident on 15th of August, 2018 at Siliguri and in spite of having high sugar he was operated upon by one of the doctors at Maya Sanyal Hospital, Siliguri which led to a lot of complications. This single act made him undergo several operations costing him and his family around 7 lakh rupees till date. They need to raise 3 lakh rupees more for remaining two operations. The financial condition of their family is not sound and this medical emergency has stretched them to their limits. So in this time of need, we the members of the Vidyapith family, can we stand by little Moumit and his family? We're providing details of the medical case for your kind appraisal:

  1. 5.08.2018: Accident occurred breaking the tibia and fibula of the right leg of Moumit's father.
  2. 17.08.2018: He was admitted to Maya Sanyal Hospital, Siliguri and in spite of having high sugar the doctors conducted a bone fracture repair surgery, fixing plates to his bones.
  3. 27.08.2018: he was discharged from hospital and advised for a follow-up checkup after 15 days and also preventing the patient from any wound redressing.
  4. 11.09.2018: On reporting it was found that the operated area was totally infected.
  5. 12.09.2018: Other doctors advised to take the patient to Patna and get treated by Dr. John Mukherjee at Paras Hospital, Patna.
  6. 15.09.2018: Got admitted to Paras HMRI Hospital, Patna and sugar was brought under control first.
  7. 17.09.2018: Dr. Mukherjee operated on Moumit's father, removed the plates, removed flesh from the infected area and attached external fixators to his right leg.
  8. 22.09.2018: Plastic surgery was done and he was discharged after 5 days.
  9. 27.09.2018: Reported to plastic surgeon and he advised wound redressing on every alternate day.
  10. 30.09.2018: The new tissue areas were also dying and had to be removed after every dressing of the affected area.
  11. October 2018: Discharged from Paras HMRI and brought back to Siliguri.
  12. 26.12.2018: Another bone fracture repair surgery along with a plastic surgery is expected for which 3 lakh rupees is required.

For the surgery on 26th of December, Moumit and his family needs to raise 3 lakh rupees.

So, we the members of this Vidyapith family are appealing to the other members to help our brother financially as
much as we can in this time of need.


  1. Sri Kalyan Ghosh
  2. Sri Ajay Chattopadhyay
  3. Sri Swapan Bandyopadhyay
  4. Sri Shakti Prasad Mishra
  5. Dr Tapendro Mullick (1973)
  6. Sri Jyotindra Dhar Chowdhury (1973)
  7. Sri Subhash Chatterjee (1975)
  8. Sri Pranab Mahato (1977)
  9. Sri Kaushik Bandyopadhyay (1978)
  10. Dr. Debasis Kundu (1979)
  11. Sri Syamal Sen (1980)
  12. Sri Debasis Chatterjee (1980)
  13. Sri Sanjay Mukherjee (1981)
  14. Sri Debangshu Guhathakurata (1982)
  15. Sri Rana Sengupta (1983)
  16. Sri Dwipayan Mukherjee (1984)
  17. Sri Chinmoy Das (1985)
  18. Sri Agnimitra Biswas (1986)
  19. Sri Prasun Ghosh (1987)
  20. Sri Debasis Bandyopadhyay (1988)
  21. Sri Nilanjan Bhattacharya (1989)
  22. Sri Riju Basu (1992)
  23. Dr. Bisanka Biswas (1993)
  24. Sri Partha Mukherjee (1994)
  25. Sri Satyajit Roychowdhury (1995)
  26. Sri Biman Chakraborty (1997)
  27. Sri Rajarshi Ghosh (1998)
  28. Sri Saswata Bhattacharya (1999)
  29. Sri Aishik Bhattacharya (2009)
  30. Sri Biplob Gon (2010)
  31. Sri Chandrachur Lahiri (2011)

Bank details:
Bank name - State Bank of India.
Branch- Fulbari.
IFSC Code- SBIN0013123.
A/C No- 31381304458.
A/C Holder Name- Manoj Sarkar.
Whoever wants to send money, transfer to this account, it's the account of Moumit's father. It's also a humble request to you, please inform your coordinator after transferring money so that to help them keep track of the transactions.

For any query feel free to call Rana Sengupta - Batch-1983, Mob. No.-9674987716 & Aishik Bhattacharya -Batch-2009, Mob. No.-8961627529.

Contribution to the purpose

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The contribution by Ex students crossed Rs 3 Lakhs and Moumit's father was operated successfully.