Appeal from Secretary Maharaj

A Meeting was held on 30th APril, 2017 at with Vidyapith premsies with the Vidyapith Administration and the Executive Committee of the Alumni Association.

For Vidyapith were present Swami Jyanolokanandaji Maharaj, Secretary, Swami Chidrasanandaji Maharaj, Chief Warden and Swami Gatidanandaji Maharaj, Headmaster.

For the Alumni Association were present -

  • Jyotirindra Dhar Chowdhury(1973)
  • Abhijit Banerjee(1977)
  • Debasis Chatterjee(1980)
  • Debabrata Mitra(1981)
  • Subash Mahato(1981)
  • Rana Sengupta(1983)
  • Bishnupriyo Mahato(1984)
  • Subrata Mitra(1987)
  • Sanjoy Chatterjee(1988)
  • Apurba Saha(1988)
  • Arnab Banerjee(1998)
  • Aishik Bhattacharya(2011)

and others. 

Respected Secretary Maharaj appealed to the Alumni Association to raise funds for the following projects:

  1. Modernisation of the Park
  2. Beautification of the outside the main gate along the boundary wall
  3. Renovation of Charitable Dispensary and Indoor hospital.  As the number of patients at the Charitable Dispensary is gradually increasing, so there is the necessity of a new building. There is a necessity of large scale renovation of the Indoor Hospital
  4. Construction of a Community Hall or Waiting Room for the Guardians
  5. Due to excess fees many meritorious students are not being able to admit themselves to Vidyapith. So a corpus fund should be created to help such students. The target should be to support at least 10% of the students.
  6. Computer Labs should be developed.
  7. Smart Classes should be set up.
  8. Pure Drinking water facilities should be installed near the Study halls.
  9. A big lawn mower should be purchased to maintain the fields, specially during the rainy season.
  10. The Auditorium and the Guest House should be renovated.
  11. New Staff Quarters should be constructed.

Members are requested to contact Sanjay Chatterjee(1988) or the Vidyapith Administration in this respect.