Arrangement of Buses for the Reunion 2017 from Kolkata

In context of the cancellation of Trains, Bus arrangements have been made to facilitate the participation of Members in the Reunion.

A Non-AC 2 by 2 Bus of West Bengal Transport Corporation will start from Esplanade at 10pm on 17.11.2017 and will reach Vidyapith the next morning.

The same will start on 19.11.2017 at 3pm from Vidyapith.

The Bus is 45 seated.Fare will be Rs 600 per head.(for to and fro journey).

Members are requested to intimate batch wise to increase the number of buses if necessary.

We extend our heartiest gratitude to Sri Alapan Bandyopadhayay, Transport Secretary, Govt of West Bengal for his kind support.

Saurav Nandy 2011(HS) ,return

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Saurav Nandy
2011(HS) ,return journey on 19th . Request one seat confirmation.

Seat Booking

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1983 Batch- 2 heads(J.Singh & Wife)

Seat Booking

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19.11.2017- 10 passengers(1990 Batch)

Seat Booking

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Return on 19.11.2017- Sri Kaliprasanna Dhara, 1967 Batch.

Seat Booking

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So far confirmed for journey on 17.11.2017

1984 Batch - 20 passengers
1987 Batch- 10 Passengers

Return on 19.11.2017

1984 Batch-20 passengers
1987 Batch- 10 passengers
1966 Batch-10 passengers

Going with family

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Nice talking to you Sanjay da. Looking to go with my
family(I, my wife and my 7 yr old son). Requesting to please reserve 3 seats in the 10 pm bus from Esplanade on 17th Nov 2017. Also, intend to return by the 3 pm bus on 19th Nov 2017. We understand that my family can stay at the guesthouse and I will stay at the hostel. Kindly inform how I can pay the bus fare.
Bhalo theko Sanjay da.

Arnab Duttaray
Madhyamik 1996 batch