Contribution by 1977 batch

Ex students of 1977 Batch have been actively involved the Teachers Day Celebration of Vidyapith for the last 6 years. 

A Teachers vs Students Football Match is being organised by them every year. Champions and Runners Up Trophies are been given to the participant Teams in the beloved memory of Late Sushil Ghosh and Late Sardar Bir Singh respectively and medals being given to the match officials and all the players of the match. High Tea is also being arranged.

To celebrate 40 years of their passing out which coincides with the Diamond Jubilee of the Vidyapith, the Ex students of 1977 Batch have donated Rs 2,51,001 to their Alma Matter so that the aforesaid activities are being carried out every year on the Teachers' Day henceforth from the interest generated out of  the Corpus Fund donated by them.  
The Association extends its heartiest congratulations to the ex-students of 1977 Batch.