Financial assistance to Vidyapith students

It has been observed recently that some misconceptions are prevailing in and around the Vidyapith fraternity with respect to providing of financial assistance to the present students of Vidyapith.

It is hereby clarified in unambiguous terms that financial assistance will be provided to those students whose name will be recommended to the Alumni Association by the Secretary Maharaj of Vidyapith. The Alumni Association whatsoever does not have any fund where from financial assistance would be provided to needy students of Vidyapith. The Alumni Association reserves no right in the selection of students who will be financially helped out of the corpus of 9 Lakhs donated to Vidyapith by the ex-students.

No requests should be made for financial assistance to any ex student directly and should be routed through the Vidyapith authorities.

Whatever assistance has been provided so far has been through individual patronage of some ex-students where the Association has only acted as a news provider.