Guidelines for Diamond Jubilee Reunion

Some guidelines for the visiting alumni on the occasion of The Special Reunion organised as part of the concluding phase of the Diamond Jubilee Celebration, 2018 :

  1. Reunion Subscription: Every alumnus is requested to get themselves enrolled for the Celebration in the morning of 6 October 2018 and collect their Food Coupons, Memento, etc. from the Central Office between 8 a.m. and 12 noon positively. The subscription fee will be Rs 500/- for Student Members and Rs. 900/- for others per head. This is applicable for family members accompanying the member at the time of Reunion also.
  2. Food coupons must be produced before the Vidyapith representatives at the time of entering the Dining Hall.
  3. Vidyapith vehicles will be available at Purulia Railway Station to receive guests reaching Purulia by the following trains:
    • Howrah - Purulia Express at the night of 5 October 2018
    • Howrah-Chakradharpur Passenger in the morning of 6 October 2018
    • Rupasi Bangla Express on 6 October 2018 at around 11.30 a.m.
    • Howrah-Chakradharpur Passenger in the morning of 7 October 2018
  4. Accommodation arrangements will be made batch-wise:
    • Alumni belonging to batches from ’60s to ’80s will stay at hospital.
    • Alumni belonging to batches from ’90s onwards will stay at Brahmananda Sadan
  5. The accommodation for female guests will be at Vidyapith Guest House. There is a limited capacity of beds at the guest house, so they will be allocated on first informed first served basis. (At present, 30 beds are available in our guest house).
  6. No alumnus is required to carry their personal bedding. Every accommodation unit will be furnished with adequate bedding.
  7. Aquaguard water purifiers are installed at each place of accommodation.
  8. Hot water arrangements will be available at hostel, guest house and hospital.
  9. Activities like smoking, drinking liquor, chewing tobacco are strictly prohibited in the Vidyapith campus.
  10. Every alumnus is expected to follow the Vidyapith schedule strictly for smooth functioning of the entire programme.
  11. In case any alumnus faces any kind of trouble or has any complaint with regard to fooding and accommodation arrangements following their arrival at Vidyapith, they may contact the following persons:
    • For accommodation arrangements : Sri Apurba Saha (Mob. 9474511623), Sri Arindrajit Mukherjee (Raja) (Mob. 8967829035)
    • For food arrangements : Sri Subhash Mahato (Mob. 8918576846), Sri Debabrata Adhikary (Mob. 8250445522)
    • For vehicle arrangements : Sri Arnab Banerjee (Mob. 9434656942)
    • For any other enquiry : Sri Sanjay Chatterjee (Mob. 9831161926)