Medicine needed for Khanduda

Khandu Mahato, our dear Khanduda is suffering from serious heart problems and, according to doctors, must take regular medicine. AA appels to all members for support.

Khanduda is suffering from serious heart problems and survives on medicine. Khanduda is about 60 years of age and retired from his work at Vidyapith. Alumni association sponsors the medicine costing about Rs. 1000/- per month and appeals to all members for financial help to this cause. Medical help from the doctors among us particularly at Kolkata is also welcome.

What to do Please send your cheque/bank draft payable to Purulia Ramakrishna Mission Vidyapith Alumni Association to us. For medical support/other enquiries please contact our office bearers.

Details Khanduda came to Vidyapith hospital on 17th December, 2003 with chest pain and sweating. Immediately, he was hospitalised at Sadar Hospital, Purulia. ECG was done there and patient was diagnosed as Myocardial Infarction of Anterior Wall. After the improval of condition he was discharged on 19th December. Then he consulted with Dr. Tapas Banerjee, MBBS/MD (Kolkata) (Cardiologist). After his advice, Ecocardiography & few blood tests were done some details of which is given below specially for our doctor friends.

Ecocardiography shows - Ischemic Heart Disease with large anterior wall myocardial infarction, LV Systolic Dysfunction (LVEF 40%) & LV Diastolic Dysfunction.

Blood reports show - 1. F. sugar - 177 mg%2.Creatinine 1.7 mg%3. Cholesterol - 216 mg%4. HDL - Cholesterol - 48 mg%5. IDL - Cholesterol - 138 mg%6. Triglycerides - 152mg%7. Creatinine kinase - 20.25U/L.

After seeing all investigations, cardiologist advised for PPBS/Diabetic diet/Rest for one month and Coronary Angiogram. Medicines are going on according to advice. He was also advised for Coronary Angioplasty.

List of medicines -1. Tab. Nodon-5 - 1 Tab. OD2. Tab. Stromix-A - 1 Tab. ODPC3. Tab. Immit-30 - 1 Tab. OD4. Cap. Cardiopril 2.5 - 1 Cap. OD5. Tab. Rantac-150mg - 1Tab. BDAC6. Tab. Ativan-1 - 1 Tab. HS7. Tab. Sorbitrate-5mg - 1 Tab. UT SOS8. Tab. Zosta-5 -1 Tab. OD9. Tab. Reclinet - 1/2 Tab. B. Breakfast.