Schedule of the 15th Reunion

The 15th Reunion of the Alumni Association is scheduled at the RKMV, Purulia premises on the 19th and 20th day of November, 2011.

In view to the scheduled change of academic session again to Jan-Dec, this year the session is going to end by the first week of December, 2011 and the school will reopen in Jan 2012 with Class X and post X.

Respected Swami Atmaprabhanandaji Maharaj, our beloved Secretary Maharaj was kind enough to accommodate the reunion in spite of this tough and tight schedule by reorganizing the exams of the present students.

We once again express our deepest gratitude to Respected Maharaj and the Vidyapith authorities for providing us the scope to conduct the Reunion.


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Dear General Secretary

Can we have the DM/SP or any government/distinguished personal(besides the normal distinguished monks that you are going to invite anyway) to attend the opening of our reunion...

Reason for suggesting this...
1) It gives awareness to the high ranking officials to let them know that ex-students are doing so much work for vidyapith
2) It is good for everyone, we are doing good work let others know
3) Many people of importance come to know of this school
4) When peolple in power know of the school(everyone does not know of this school, that is fact), then it is good for current students/ex-students

I am sure, many ex-students might have contact with many distiguished people, they can also bring them, Lets see whether there is cost for the same etc

As you are aware, recently for Taki reunion, The police Commissioner of Kolkata attended the function. I am sure Taki school will have special mention to him......

So this is my suggestion,
You/president can decide and have final say


Gautam Datta
1988 batch