Sri Phani Bhusan Khatua passed away

Sri Phani Bhusan Khatua (Ex Asst. Head Master & Bengali teacher of Purulia RKMV), our dear Phani da, left us around in this morning (8th June, 2014) at his Medinipur home after a cardiac arrest. He was 72 years old. Phanida is survived by his wife, daughter-in-law and his younger son Amurtya Khatua, who is also a Vidyapith ex-student.

Phani-da will ever be remembered for his closeness with students and his unique way of teaching spellings and grammar with small & simple formulae (সূত্র) which he put in his book Chhande Gantha Banan Katha (ছন্দে গাঁথা বানান কথা), jointly authored with Sri Sukdeb Maiti (Sukdeb da).

We deeply mourn his death. May his soul rest in peace is our prayer to the Almighty.

Guru biyog Pitribiyoger tulyo

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The spark he had ignited in me, I am carrying it within. Before I am gone, I hope to pass it on to someone else.

Grief Stricken

Madhyamik, '86

Phani Da's demise

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Time of bereavement for all of us. May Thakur guide us in this trying time,