Sri Somnath Ghosh joins as Ambassador

Somnath Ghosh, Ambassador to Mongolia

Sri Somnath Ghosh from 1987 batch has joined as Ambassador of the Republic Of India to Mongolia. He is the youngest ever Indian to be an Ambassador of the of the country since independence.

He has sent some pics which we like to share amongst all of us.

The Association extends its heartiest congratulations for this brilliant achievement of him.

Mongolia - the country of the Great Ghengis Khan

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Ghengis Khan - the pride of Mongolia, that united disparate tribes of Mogolia to build the biggest empire of the medival world. The imposing sitting statue under which Somnathda is seen - should be of the Great Khan!

Swamiji once talked of him (the Khan) saying, unless blessed by the Divine, none can achieve such greatness. Congratulations Somnath. Mongolia should be a country in which India has a strategic political interest. India's relationship with Japan, Vietnam, Mongolia, Russia, Kazakhstan, Burma etc. is going to be very significant in the coming years given the increasing churlishness of the Chinese.

Somnath Ghosh's new appointment

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