Swami Jnanalokanandaji ends tenure as Secretary of Vidyapith

Swami Jnanalokanandaji's Farewell

Swami Jnanalokanandaji has handed over charge to Swami Sivapradanandaji Maharaj and is heading towards Belur Math today.

Respected Maharaj will take charge as Secretary of Swamiji'r Bari from January'19 end.

Swami Jnanalokananda will be remembered for his relentless efforts in achieving the goals for which our Alma Matter was established.His efforts in the establishment of the Maa Sarada Coaching Centre - we hope will be a milestone in the history of Purulia district.

We wish him with high spirits and best of health in the days to come.

Participation of the Alumni Association

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The Association also participated in the farewell function of Swami Jnanlokanandaji Maharaj.

Sri Debasis Chatterjee, ex student of 1980 Batch and presently English teacher at Vidyapith represented the Association and respected Maharaj was gifted with a Shawal and Flower Bouquet as mark of respect.

Sri Apurba Saha, ex student of 1988 Batch represented the Association and greeted Swami Sivapradanandaji Maharaj with a Shawal and Flower bouquet.