Vijaya Sammilani, 2003

Vijaya Sammilani is a regular form of annual get-together held by Alumni Association. This time the date was 2nd November, 2003. Thanks to the trustees of the palace, the venue was Marble palace, Kolkata like every year. 83 of the members were present there from 1961 to 1999 passouts. Some brought their family members with them.

Dr. Dhruba Marjit, the president of Alumni Association first briefed the members about the Alumni Association's activities in last year. He also discussed about the ensuing reunion with a special mention to Swami Umanandai's interest about a seminar by the family members of ex-students on Holy Mother Sarada Devi's 150th birth anniversary. Then Subhash Chowdhury, the treasurer, presented the annual accounts which was, then, adopted by the body.

Invitation letters for the reunion and life membership cards were distributed. 16 new life members joined the force. The juniormost batch present there was the Madhyamik batch of 1999. They performed the song "Amra Mayer Chhele" to everyone's delight.The event ended with evening snacks.