Purchase of Office of the Assoiciation

We have done it! The purchase of the Office at 9/1 Akrur Dutta Lane has been complete with Dr Dhruba Marjit, President signing the Agreement for the Association on 13.3.2006.

We sincerely thank all the donors,well wishers who had extended their cordial help in the acquisition process.

But on this glorious moment I once again appeal to you all for some generous donations so as to make up the Loan amount that some of our members have given.

The Office will be officially inaugurated in the month of Baisakh the details of which will be published in due time.

Advance paid for Office acquisition

As per committment made to the Promoter of the Building, Association has paid an Advance for acquiring the Flat at 9/1 Akrur Dutta Lane.

The Association is still in shortage of the required fund for the purpose.

We once again appeal for generous donations for this purpose.

Assistance seeked by Sri Rabi Ratan Bhowmik

Rabi da ( Sri Rabi Ratan Bhowmik), a well-known staff of Vidyapith hospital seeks financial assistance. He is leading a retired life at Barisha Math, Kolkata and needs Rs 45,000/- for Life long sponsorship there.

Members are requested for generous help.

Appeal of Secretary Maharaj

Swami Atmaprabhanandaji Maharaj, Secretary of Vidyapith made an appeal for funds to meet the needs of the Higher Secondary Section.

Vidyapith having started the Higher Secondary Section form 2000 onwards is facing acute financial crisis in running this Section for which Secreatry Maharaj wants to set up a Corpus Fund of Rs 50 Lakhs and wants the Ex students to contribute handsomely.

This is the excerpt of his appeal:

Ramakrishna Mission Vidyapith
P.O. Vivekanandanagar, Dt. PuruIia (W.B.) Pin: 723147 (India)

An Appeal To Our Beloved Ex-Students

Articles wanted for the Souvenir

Alumni Association appeals for Articles for the Souvenir to be published during the Re union.
Alike the other Re unions a Souvenir is going to be published this year too. Members interested to submit articles therein are requested to send matters within 30th November, 2005 to the following address :

Subhas Chatterjee
New Chaya Stores
28 APC Road, Kolkata 700 009

or login and send it to Sanjay Chatterjee.

Update on Fund Collection for acquiring an office

As the association is in growing need of acquiring an office of its own, the effort of fund raising is on. Till date Rs. 1,62,000 have been received as against the target of Rs. 5,00,000.

We once again appeal for generous contributions from you all.

For details, please refer to why and how about the drive.

Methods of Donating for Purchase of Office

Members interested in donating may credit their amounts in the following account:

Name of the Account:


Savings Account No: 11818

Name of the Bank: CANARA BANK

Address: 25 Princep Street
Kolkata 700 072

Bank Branch Code: 700015022


may send by Courier/Speed Post/ Registered Post at:

10/3L Umakanta Sen Lane
Kolkata 700 030

Permanent Office of the Association

Alumni Association plans to purchase a flat for the purpose of having a permanent office and appeals to members for generous contributions to this cause.

Assistance seeked by Sri Rabi Ratan Bhowmik

Sri Rabi Ratan Bhowmik needs a Pace Maker to be placed in his body for which the tentative cost is Rs 45000-75000 as stated by him in his letter addressed to the President of the Association.
He has prayed for this assistance from the Ex students.
Members interested in seeking assistance may contact him directly at

C/o Sri Amit Nag
291 Jodhpur Park
Kolkata 700 068
Tel No: 033-2473-3719
Mob No: 98302 73200(Amit Nag)

or Sanjay Chattejee(1988) at 98311 61926

Appeal For Donations

Alumni Association since the last 3 years has been sponsoring the cost of education of a student at Kamapukur Ramakrishna Mission every year by contributing Rs 8400/- (Rs. Eight Thousand Four Hundred only). The aforesaid is handed over to the Authorities on 1st Baisakh every year. Considering the present interest rates, which is practically the main source of income of the Association, requests are being made for generous donations in this respect. Donations may be made individually or collectively as a Batch. Members may contact Sanjay Chatterjee(1988) for details.

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