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Completion of Corpus of Swami Putanandaji Memorial Fund

We have successfully completed the donation process of Swami Putanandaji Memorial Fund and the total amount has been Rs 12,85,230.(Rupees Twelve Lakh Eighty Five Thousand Two Hundred Thirty only).

Rs 5,00,000 has already been donated to Ramakrishna Mission Vidyapith, Purulia.

Rs 3,00,000 will be donated to Ramakrishna Mission Vidyapith, Deogarh on 14.09.2018.

We extend our hearties congratulations to all the donors of the Fund.

Contribution by 1999 batch

1999 batch trip in 2018

1999 batch (32 batch mates) visited Vidyapith (14-16 July, 2018) to celebrate their 25 years of togetherness.

During this trip by the blessings of the Holy Trinity they have been able to do some social work together.

Vidyapith is running a free coaching centre just opposite to main gate for all the needy girls of the nearby villages ( class 9-12). They have distributed School bags, Geometry boxes & copies to all the girls of the coaching centre.

They have also handed over a sum of Rs One lac only to the Vidyapith authority for the benefit of our beloved non-teaching staffs.

Swami Putanandaji Memorial Fund handed over to Vidyapith

Swami Putanandaji Memorial Fund handover

A cheque of Rs 500001 as a part of Swami Putanandaji Memorial Fund was handed over to the Vidyapith authorities on 30th June, 2018 in the afternoon. The programme was held at Vidyapith auditorium.

Recording of Smaran Sabha of Swami Putanandaji available

The Association organized a smaran sabha of Srimat Swami Putanandaji at Marble Palace, Kolkata on 5th May, 2018. The video recording of the entire programme are now available here.

Members who could not attend the programme in person can now watch it online.

Swami Putanandaji Memorial Fund to be given to Vidyapith

Swami Putanandaji Memorial Fund with a corpus of 5 lakh rupees will be handed over to the Vidyapith authorities on 30th June, 2018 at 3 pm.

Members are requested to join the same at the auditorium of RKMV, Purulia.

Ex-students remembered Swami Putanandaji

Swami Putanandaji

Alumni Association organized Smaran Sabha of Kalipada Maharaj at Marble Palace, Kolkata on 5th May, 2018. Among the speakers, there were Swami Jnanalokananda, Swami Sivapradananda (Saikatesh Maharaj), Swami Dibyasukhananda (Amitrasudan Maharaj), Swami Dhyeyananda (Sanjib Maharaj). Sri Kalyan Kumar Ghosh, ex-teacher of Vidyapith and ex-students Dr. Dhruba Marjit, Dr. Kaliprasanna Dhara, Jayanta Bhattacharya, Subrata Sar delivered speeches on the occasion. The programme started with chanting by ex-student Shishir Roy (1998 batch).

Smaran Sabha of Kalipada Maharaj

Kalipada Maharaj

Alumni Association will be organising a Smaran Sabha in memory of our very beloved Kalipada Maharaj on 5th May, 2018 at Marble Palace from 5 pm. Swami Jnanalokanandaji, the present Secretary Maharaj of Vidyapith has consented his presence therein.

All members of Vidyapith fraternity are cordially invited to join.

Alumni Association organizes coaching camp for Vidyapith team

Dipak Adhikari with football team

Belur Math is organizing an inter Ramakrishna Mission Football Tournament to commemorate the 150th bith anniversary of Sister Nivedita. To prepare for that, Vidyapith management planned for special training for selected players from class VIII to class X. Accordingly, Alumni Association has organized a special coaching camp at Vidyapith from 12th to 17th March, 2018.

Ebooks of Souvenirs

Pdf versions of recent souvenirs of Alumni Association (Abhyudaya, published during reunions) are now available at Souvenirs page.

The Association thanks Debasis Ghosh of 1985 batch for his great effort to this achievement.

Contribution by 1985 Batch

The Ex students of 1985 Batch have presented the Vidyapith boys with two sets of Cricket Kits -one meant for the junior boys and the other for the seniors.

The boys are highly delighted to find them and very enthusiastic Cricket Coaching is on at Vidyapith.

Sri Kajal Khan of 1983 Batch has been instrumental in procurement of a Coach for the Cricket team which has further increased their interest in the game.

After a long time the Red Deus Ball is back at Vidyapith !

The Association extends heartiest congrats to the members of 85 Batch and Kajal Khan(1983 Batch).

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