Alumni Activities

Contribution by the 1989 Batch to Paruldaha

The Members of1989 Batch are in continuance of their efforts and again have donated Rs 40,000/- to Paruldaha Ramakrishna Vivekananda Ashram.
With the support of them and few outsiders, Respected Subhendu Maharaj has been able to commence again the mid day meal programme of the 150 odd childern in his school from Dec, 2012 onwards.

The Association extends heartiest congratulations to the Members of 1989 Batch.

Achievements of Ex-students / Family members

Vidyapith Ex students/ their family members often in their various fields of work achieve many a things which remain unknown to others and sometimes to a few only.

To make it known to all, it has been decided this time to include a section in the Souvenir.

Members are requested to sent details of these marks of success to

We request to complete the process by 31st July, 2013 untill any later event happens.

Request for Articles - from children below 14 years

It has been decided this time to include a Section in our Sovenir with poems/writings/pictures by the children of our ex-students below 14 years.

As we will be commemorating the 150th Anniversary of Swamiji in our Reunion, focus may be kept on Balak Vivekananda (বালক বিবেকানন্দ). However other contents are also welcome.

We request to complete the process by 31st July, 2013 .

Request for Articles in the Souvenir, 2013

With the Reunion scheduled on the 16th and 17th of November, 2013, preparations for Abhudaya to be released therein needs to be commenced.

The Association with be commemorating the 150 th Birth Anniversary of Swami Vivekanada in the Reunion and therefore it has been decided to decorate the Souvenir with articles on Swamiji. Matters on Vidyapith or any other pertinent topic are also welcome.

16th Reunion scheduled

The 16th Reunion of Vidyapith ex-students has been scheduled on the 16th(Saturday) and 17th(Sunday) day of November, 2013 at the Vidyapith premises.

We extend our deepest gratitude to Swami Atmaprabhanandaji Maharaj, Secretary of the school, for his kind co-operation in slating the Reunion so early.

Contribution from 1989 Batch for Paruldaha Ramakrishn​a Vivekanand​a Ashram

Paruldaha is a remote village at a distance of 16 km from Baruipur. The people are economically backward and in general devoid of the basic facilities like education and health. A few years back, Swami Sivajnanananda (commonly known as Subhendu Maharaj), a monk who was earlier associated to Ramakrishna Math & Mission, started a primary school there. The school provides education as well as books, dresses and mid-day meal for the students free of cost without any such help from the government.

Picnic, 2013

The biennial Picnic is slated on 13th January, 2013 (Sunday) at Barrackpore - Mallik Kanan. Members are requested to be present with their family members therein.

We shall shortly publish the details of the same.

Vijaya Sammelani, 2012 is scheduled

The Vijaya Sammelani of the Alumni Association is slated on 18th November, 2012 from 5p.m. onwards at Marble Palace, Kolkata. Members are cordially invited to join the programme with their family members.

Subscription - NIL

The address is :
Marble Palace or Mullick Bari
46 Muktaram Babu Street, Kolkata

If you're coming by road, please get down at Ram Mandir bus stop on Central Avenue.
If you take Metro rail, the station is M.G.Road.

Welfare Activity for Ex-Vidyapith staff

Recently one retired non-teaching staff of Vidyapith had some problems with his pacemaker (fitted long ago) and had to incur a total expenditure of Rs 40,000 for repairing the same.

The Association has contributed Rs 25,000 as part of the total expenses incurred.

Members of 1988 Batch and 1989 Batch took serious initiative to this effort for which the Association renders its heartiest congratulations.

Introduction of Trophy at Vidyapith

The Ex-students of 1977 Batch have introduced a new Trophy in the beloved memory of Late Sushil Ghosh Da to be handed over to the winners of the football match held every year on 5th September (Teachers' Day) between the teaching staff of Vidyapith and the students.

The losers of the match will get the Trophy which will be in the beloved memory of Sardar Bir Singh, our Sardarji.

The Association welcomes the act of the Ex stduents of 1977 Batch and extends its heartiest congratulations to all of them.

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