Sad Moments

Ex-student Bijaysankar Ray passed away

Bijaysankar Ray

The Association deeply mourns the death of Bijaysankar Ray, ex-student from 1988 batch. He passed away on 26th June, 2018 at 10:30 pm at AMRI hospital in Salt Lake, Kolkata.

A BE from JU, Bijay served CESC and IBM in his lifetime. He is survived by his parents, wife and brother Sujaysankar Ray of 1994 batch.

May his soul rest in peace is our prayer to Sri Sri Thakur.

Asoke Sinha da passed away

Teachers with Rana Sengupta

Asoke Sinha da, ex Geography teacher of Vidyapith, passed away this morning.

He fell down and was subsequently hospitalised yesterday. He was being moved to Kolkata today but expired on the way at Disergarh.

Asoke da's sons Kingshuk Sinha (1985 batch) and Soujanya Sinha (1994 batch) are also ex-students of Vidyapith.

May his soul rest in peace is our prayer to the Almighty.

Smaran Sabha of Kalipada Maharaj

Balaram Mandir remembers Swami Putanandaji

Vidyapith will be observing a smaran sabha in memory of the most revered Swami Putanandaji Maharaj on 21st April, 2018 at Vidyapith auditorium from 10:30 a.m. to 12 noon.

Ramakrishna Math (Balaram Mandir) will also observe programmes on that day in his memory. Details are attached.

Dr Dinabandhu Kundu passed away

Dr Dinabandhu Kundu, ex-student from 1980 batch, expired at 5pm today at Institute of Neuro Sciences, Kolkata.

The Association mourns his death. May his soul rest in peace.

Smaran Sabha of Kalipada Maharaj

Kalipada Maharaj

Alumni Association will be organising a Smaran Sabha in memory of our very beloved Kalipada Maharaj on 5th May, 2018 at Marble Palace from 5 pm. Swami Jnanalokanandaji, the present Secretary Maharaj of Vidyapith has consented his presence therein.

All members of Vidyapith fraternity are cordially invited to join.

Bhandara in memory of Kalipada Maharaj

Ramakrishna Math, Balaram Mandir will be organising a Bhandara in memory of Srimat Swami Putanandaji Maharaj on 21st April, 2018 at their premises.

Kalipada Maharaj left for Sri Ramakrishnalok


With deepest grief we inform that our respected and beloved Kalipada Maharaj aka Swami Putanandaji has left for Sri Ramakrishnalok at 5:25 pm today, 9th April, 2018. He was under treatment at RKM Seva Pratishthan.

Maharaj's body will be at Balaram Mandir tonight. Tomorrow at 9 am he will be taken to Belur Math for last rituals.

Needless to say, he will always be at the heart of thousands of students as love personified.

Arup Ghosh da passed away

Sri Arup Ghosh, ex English teacher of Vidyapith, passed away on 23rd February, 2018.

Arup da worked at Vidyapith from 1984 to 1986. He was a professor at Sonamukhi college and had not retired yet.

May his soul rest in peace is our earnest prayer to the Almighty.

Ex Student Bidyut Mazumder passed away

Bidyut Mazumder of 1983 Batch passed away a few days before at his residence at Bolpur.

He left behind his daughters and wife.

A Chartered Accountant by Profession, he will be remembered for his superb cricketing skills and nice behavior.

May his soul rest in peace is our prayer to the Almighty.

Ex-student Chandraprakash Das passed away

Sri Chandraprakash Das, ex-student from Madhyamik 2000 batch passed away on 12th June, 2017 at his residence in Bhubaneswar due to cardiac arrest.

He left behind his parents.

May his soul rest in peace is our prayer to the Almighty. 

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