Vidyapith team reaches semi-final of football tournament

Vidyapith football team 2018

Our Vidyapith boys started with a big 5-0 win against Silpayan college in their first match of the football tournament organised by Belur Math to commemorate the 150th birth anniversary of Sister Nivedita.

The next match was against Ramharipur Ramakrishna Mission and Vidyapith team won by 3-0 margin. They have reached the semi-final.

The semi-final match against Rahara Ramakrishna Mission is to be held on 25th May at 2:30 pm.

The Association congratulates them for their performance and wishes them all the best ahead.

Vidyapith to play in football tournament organised by RKM

An Inter Ramakrishna Mission Football tournament is being organised by the Belur Math authorities to commemorate the 150th birth anniversary of Sister Nivedita. The inaugural match is to be held at the Belur Vidya Mandir ground on 20th May,2018 from 3:30 pm onwards where Purulia RKMV will play with Silpayan College.

This is a knock-out tournament. If Vidyapith wins, the venue of the next match will depend on the result of other matches.

Ex-students remembered Swami Putanandaji

Swami Putanandaji

Alumni Association organized Smaran Sabha of Kalipada Maharaj at Marble Palace, Kolkata on 5th May, 2018. Among the speakers, there were Swami Jnanalokananda, Swami Sivapradananda (Saikatesh Maharaj), Swami Dibyasukhananda (Amitrasudan Maharaj), Swami Dhyeyananda (Sanjib Maharaj). Sri Kalyan Kumar Ghosh, ex-teacher of Vidyapith and ex-students Dr. Dhruba Marjit, Dr. Kaliprasanna Dhara, Jayanta Bhattacharya, Subrata Sar delivered speeches on the occasion. The programme started with chanting by ex-student Shishir Roy (1998 batch).

Ex-student Aniket Chattopadhyay directed film 'Kabir'

Aniket Chattopadhyay, an ex-student of Vidyapith (1980 batch), has directed a Bengali thriller named 'Kabir' which was released on 13th April.

All members are encouraged to watch the movie.

Smaran Sabha of Kalipada Maharaj

Balaram Mandir remembers Swami Putanandaji

Vidyapith will be observing a smaran sabha in memory of the most revered Swami Putanandaji Maharaj on 21st April, 2018 at Vidyapith auditorium from 10:30 a.m. to 12 noon.

Ramakrishna Math (Balaram Mandir) will also observe programmes on that day in his memory. Details are attached.

Bhandara in memory of Kalipada Maharaj

Ramakrishna Math, Balaram Mandir will be organising a Bhandara in memory of Srimat Swami Putanandaji Maharaj on 21st April, 2018 at their premises.

Alumni Association organizes coaching camp for Vidyapith team

Dipak Adhikari with football team

Belur Math is organizing an inter Ramakrishna Mission Football Tournament to commemorate the 150th bith anniversary of Sister Nivedita. To prepare for that, Vidyapith management planned for special training for selected players from class VIII to class X. Accordingly, Alumni Association has organized a special coaching camp at Vidyapith from 12th to 17th March, 2018.

Shatadal will release CD with Vidyapith songs

Bhalobasar Ek Nam Invitation card

Shatadal, an organization led by our ex-student Nilotpal Banerjee, is going to release a CD containing eight old songs from Vidyapith. Six of them are written by Saikatesh Maharaj Swami Sivapradananda, one by Swapanda aka Sri Swapan Bandyopadhyay and another by Late Sankariprasad Basu. Samarda aka Late Samarendranath Chattopadhyay, music teacher of Vidyapith, composed the music.

The name of the CD is 'Bhalobasar ek nam' (ভালোবাসার এক নাম). It will be released at the Sivananda hall of Ramakrishna Mission Institute of Culture, Golpark on 24th March, 2018. The time is 5 pm.

Vidyapith organizes Youth Conference at Purulia

Youth Conference at Purulia

Vidyapith will organize a youth conference as part of the 150th birth anniversary celebration of Sister Nivedita and on the occasion of its Diamond Jubilee celebration. It will be held at Rabindra Bhavan, Purulia on 23rd March, 2018 at 12 noon.

Revered Swami Suviranandaji Maharaj, General Secretary of Ramakrishna Math & Mission, will preside over the function. Swami Jnanalokananda, the Secretary Maharaj of Vidyapith, will give the welcome address.

Swapanda aka Sri Swapan Bandyopadhyay, ex-teacher of Vidyapith, will play the role of the anchor.

Ebooks of Souvenirs

Pdf versions of recent souvenirs of Alumni Association (Abhyudaya, published during reunions) are now available at Souvenirs page.

The Association thanks Debasis Ghosh of 1985 batch for his great effort to this achievement.

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